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Platinum Package

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Full-Service Catering Package

The Full-Service Catering Package includes various services and items to ensure a smooth and enjoyable catering experience. In addition to the 1hour set-up, 1 hour clean-up, and 2 hours of serving, here are the details:

  •  Set-Up/Clean-Up: Our team will handle the set-up and clean-up process of food table only, ensuring that everything is organized and taken care of before and after the event.
  • Serving: Our staff will be available to serve food to your guests during the designated 2-hour serving period.
  •  Food Chafing: We provide chafing dishes to keep the food at the desired temperature and ensure its freshness throughout the event.
  • Tables: We will set up tables for the food and beverages, creating an organized and convenient serving area.
  • Food Table Color Scheme Decor: We offer customization options for the food table decor, including color schemes that align with your event theme or preferences.
  •  Serving Plates & Serving Utensils: High-quality serving plates and utensils will be provided for your guests' convenience.
  • Tablecloths for Food Table: We supply tablecloths that add a touch of elegance to the food serving area.
  •  Serving Drinkware: We provide suitable drinkware for your guests to enjoy their beverages.
  • 2 Servers for 2 hours: Two servers will be assigned to your event for a duration of 2 hours. They will assist in serving, ensuring a seamless catering experience.
  •  Additional Servers: If necessary, you have the option to request additional servers at an additional cost of $125.00 per server. Each additional 1hr is an additional $125.00per hour.

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